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Disney Cars Fruit Crisps:  Pure, Natural 100% Fruit Snacks

Like Lightning McQueen, you’ll need fuel to keep revved up and moving!

Begin your race everyday with Fruit Crisps, and you’ll be first at the finish line with the crispiest, tastiest snack in town. No added sugar and nothing artificial—just pure 100% fruit to help you run at your best!

A winning on-the-go snack, take Fruit Crisps with you on the road and share them with all your racing buddies!

Disney Cars Fruit Crisps — the supercharged fruit snack full of zip!  100% real, sliced Apples with the water gently removed. Freeze-dried Apple Fruit Crisps are a healthy snack for your little ones.

Allergy friendly snack;  gluten free, soy free, peanut/nut free, vegan, Non-GMO Project verified, and OU Kosher certified


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For Assistance Call toll free: 1-877-84-CRISP (27477)

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"All of our products are entirely gluten-free and are processed on gluten free manufacturing lines, with the exception of our Fruit & Oats product,

which includes oats processed on a line that also processes gluten products. The Fruit & Oat product may contain trace amounts of gluten."

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