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Fruit of the Month

Fruit of the Month Program:  Save 15% Off Select Fruit Crisps

fotm-sept-mandarin-orange-email.jpgOur Fruit of the Month program is a celebration of fruit. Every month we highlight one of the fruits used in our 100% fruit, all-natural, freeze-dried Fruit Crisps, and offer you 15% off all related Fruit Crisps.  It’s a fun way to learn more about the fruit we eat, the fun facts, health benefits, and more.  Also, the 15% savings is a great opportunity for you to try every Fruit Crisps variety.


September Fruit of the Month is Mandarin Orange. 
Save 15% off ALL Mandarin Orange Fruit Crisps

No coupon required!



Mandarin oranges are very rich in of vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), a water-soluble vitamin that helps lower cholesterol. Vitamin-C is one of the powerful natural anti-oxidant, which has many essential roles like wound healing, anti-viral, anti-cancer activity, and cold/fever etc. Mandarins are also substantial source of fiber. Fiber rich foods keep the stomach full for a longer period of time and reduce the desire or need to eat more food, assisting in weight loss

Our Mandarin Orange Fruit Crisps have the same nutrition as fresh Mandarin oranges and contain 2 servings of fruit per pouch.


Nutrition Facts: Serving Size: 1 bag: 10g (0.35 oz.)
38 calories, 0g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 0mg sodium, 9g carbs, 1g dietary fiber, 6g sugars, 1g protein, 2% vitamin A, 45% vitamin C, 2% calcium

Ingredients: 100% freeze-dried Mandarin oranges

Allergy friendly:  Gluten free, soy free, peanut/tree nut free, dairy free, Non GMO, vegan, and OU Kosher certified


2014 Fruit of the Month Schedule:

January:  Pineapple

February:  Strawberry-Banana

March:  Fuji Apple

April:  Peach

May:  Strawberry

June:  Asian Pear

July:  Apple Cinnamon

August:  Banana

September:  Mandarin Orange

October:  Fuji Apple

November:  Asian Pear

December:  Apple Cinnamon