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RECIPE: Baking Made Easy with Freeze-Dried Fruits

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Baking Made Easy with Freeze-Dried Fruits


A Healthy, Convenient Substitution for Fresh Fruit in your Favorite Dessert Recipes

Did you know that freeze-dried fruits can be used for baking? There are so many delicious dessert recipes made with all types of fruits, but sometimes we do not have fresh fruits on hand. Freeze-dried fruit can easily be incorporated into any recipe that calls for fruit with a few modifications.

Some useful tips for baking with freeze-dried fruit:

  • When using freeze dried fruits as a replacement for fresh fruit (such as in banana bread), increase the amount of liquid in the recipe by at least ¼ cup. Since the water is removed from freeze dried fruit, it will absorb any and all moisture in the batter, thus making it extremely dry unless extra liquid is added.
  • Do not expose freeze dried fruits directly to the surface of a pan. If making pancakes for example, cover the freeze dried fruit with batter or fold the fruit into the batter before cooking. If directly exposed to the surface of a hot pan, freeze dried fruit will scorch and burn.
  • If baked goods have chopped fresh fruit in them, crush the freeze dried fruit. This can be done simply by crushing them while in the sealed bags.
  • The longer you let a batter sit with freeze dried fruit in it, the thicker it will get. Keep adding liquid ¼ cup at a time about every 10-15 minutes if actively using the batter (such as for pancakes)
  • If blending the freeze dried fruit for a smoothie (or to make an ice cream or sorbet to top a dessert), thin with liquid until it is almost “too thin.” In about 5 minutes, the consistency will be just right (the fruit will absorb the excess moisture).
  • Freeze dried fruit can easily be crushed and incorporated into a crust recipe, such as a graham cracker crust. Substitute some of the graham crackers with freeze dried fruit and you have a wonderfully unique flavored crust!
  • Use freeze dried fruits in flavored gelatin! It adds a wonderful texture without thinning out the recipe from the moisture in fresh fruit.
  • If making popsicles, be sure to compensate for the liquid that the fruit will soak up. Fill the molds to the very top and in a couple of minutes, the level should decrease. Add more liquid at this point if desired.
  • Freeze dried can be slightly more tart than fresh fruit of its likeness. Add a little more sweetener to your recipes if you are looking to exactly mimic fresh fruit.

Use Brothers All Natural Freeze-Dried Fruits in your Favorite Recipes:

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