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Strawberry Banana Fruit Crisps

Strawberry Banana Fruit Crisps: 100% Freeze-Dried Sliced Strawberries and Bananas

Unlike other dried fruit, our Strawberry Banana Fruit Crisps have the same nutrition as fresh strawberries and bananas.  Why? Because they are just fruit, REAL FRUIT, nothing else! The ONLY ingredient is 100% freeze-dried strawberry and banana slices, that’s it! 

Packaged for convenient, healthy on the go snacking

  • Single 1/2 cup (0.26 oz.) pouches available in 24 packs and bulk 100 or 200 packs
  • Choice of regular or Disney themed packaging
  • Real, sliced strawberries and bananas with the water gently removed
  • 100% natural, freeze-dried fruit snack
  • No added sugars, preservatives, or artificial coloring
  • Allergy friendly, classroom approved snack


Health Benefits of Strawberries and Bananas

Not only does this dynamic duo taste great together, it is also packed full of nutritional benefits. Eating strawberries can help keep blood pressure lowered and even reduce the risk of heart attacks in women. They are loaded with antioxidants and are a great source of Vitamin C and fiber. Bananas are high in Potassium and low in sodium so they are good for your heart.   Also, eating just one banana can provide nearly 10% of your daily fiber.

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