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Disney Fruit Crisps

Disney Fruit Crisps – the healthy kid snack that makes eating fruit fun!


Disney Fruit Crisps are the perfect natural, healthy snack for kids made with 100% real fruit; absolutely NO added sugars or preservatives, colorings, or flavor enhancers. It’s simply fresh fruit that has had its water gently removed, transforming it into a fun, crispy fruit snack.

Kids love the sweetness and crispy texture of the fruit with their favorite Disney characters on every bag, and parents love the nutritional benefits.  Each snack pouch containing 2 servings of fruit, so now it’s easy to get your kids to snack healthy.

Classroom approved!  Disney Fruit Crisps are a safe, allergy-friendly kid snack suitable for the lunchbox, classroom, or any event where food allergies may be of concern. 

Gluten free, peanut/tree nut free, soy free, dairy free, non GMO, vegan, and OU Kosher Certified.